When you take the step towards counselling you enter a relationship that is safe, empathetic, accepting and authentic. This is your time to be open in expressing your emotions, issues and thoughts without judgement. There may be times that the therapist may reflect on what you have said or ask questions to deepen your experience but it is up to you to choose what you wish to reveal.

Individual Counselling

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” - Shannon L. Alder


When you and I begin Counselling together I listen deeply, reflect, and support you as you relate your story.  I do this while being empathetic, non-judgemental, and compassionate.  I work with you to develop a strong therapeutic relationship built on rapport, respect, and genuineness . If you seek ways to help you manage your situation I offer techniques drawn from evidence-based psychological theories.  The suggestions I may make will be ones that can be easily incorporated into your daily life and from which you decide is most beneficial.

Couples Counselling

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” - Henry Ford


When couples come to therapy, they have come to realize that something in their relationship is no longer right for one or both of them.  I am here to offer support equally  to both partners, help with learning relationship-building techniques, communication skills, nurture resilience, re-establish bonds, unveil the interpersonal impact partner’s emotions have on their relationships, and foster collaborative attainment of goals.  I do this while maintain a compassionate, empathetic, respectful therapeutic relationship with couples.  This time in therapy can be seen as progress towards deeper commitment and love between couples.

Bereavement, Grief and Loss Counselling

“Sorrow is an inseparable dimension of our human experience. We suffer after a loss because we are human. And in our suffering, we are transformed.” - Alan D. Wolfelt


Each individual grieves in his or her own way and in a time-frame that differs from person to person.  Grief is not limited to death of a loved one, it can occur whenever loss occurs whether loss of a relationship, employment, economic status, or ability.  Together we can work through this challenging and emotional period.  I will support you as you healthily mourn whatever loss you are experiencing and offer suggestions to help you through this unsettling time.  We will collaborate to find ways for you to remember who or what was so significant in your life while adjusting to a new, meaningful life beyond your loss.

  • Mindfulness Meditation applying the MBSR model

  • Bereavement, Grief and Loss

  • Emotion Regulation


Workshops offered to groups of 5-9 people.  Some people find beyond individual therapy they also would like to learn and practice weekly further skills more designed to address their issues.  A group settling is also sometimes preferably, as they like the exchange of ideas and experiences from those participating.  It further provides a group support system that encourages them to practice more. Please contact me about availability.

Insurance and Fees

Psychotherapy is not covered under all Employment Assistance Programs (EAP).  Please check with your insurer that you are covered.  If your EAP does cover psychologists only then I am able to work with Dr. Richard Amaral, PhD., as an associate. The cost as an associate of a psychologist is : $150/ 50 min. Session. I offer a sliding scale for those with limited financial resources.


Payment expected after each session by cash or cheque. Receipts are issued after each session, which can be submitted to your work insurance company.


I require 24 hours cancellation notice.  Payment in full is required if the appointment is missed without notice.